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Brandon Dimapasoc







Economics/Sociology Double Major

San Jose, CA



Why did you join Circle K?

Um, I think it was definitely because I was in Key Club before, so that’s where I got my start in the Kiwanis family. So that was really fun, just, it was the only place that--Key Club for me was a place that I really grew as a person and as a leader, and I really wanted to continue that in Circle K when I was in college, so that’s why I joined.

That’s really cool. How long were you in Key Club?

It was actually, uhh, two years?

Nice. So why did you want to be fundraising chair?

Ooh, um, well it was actually-- a lot of people asked me, like Nora kinda asked me, “Oh, you’d be a good fit for it,” Josh kind of also said something, it was like kinda encouraging me to do it. So like, it wasn’t originally something I wanted to do, but like, I really was encouraged to do it, and I was like, “Okay, I can take it. I’ll take on the challenge.” It has been okay so far, nothing too challenging, just getting used to all the responsibilities, getting used to being on board, and just familiarizing myself with how it’s gonna work, how communication’s gonna work. So it’s just setting everything up, nothing too-- no big challenge yet, I’d say.

That’s good. And you have like, um, what’s the word-- organized two pretty successful fundraisers so far, so good job! Um, okay, so shifting gears for a bit. Why did you choose to double major in econ and soc?

Well econ, it doesn’t have enough units for me to like, graduate just with an econ major, so I had to like, find something else. So, sociology was actually an elective class in high school that I took, so it was really cool and I was really interested in it, so I was like “Okay, I can use that as my second major in college!”

What do you want to do with it? Either, or both majors? I don’t know!

I actually wanna go to law school and become a lawyer! Yeah, so that’s my Big big goal, but we’ll see where that goes. Still a few years away, but we’ll see.

Do you have a specific branch of law you wanna get into?

Ahh, well I watch Law & Order a lot, so criminal law would be pretty good, I think!

Why do you wanna be a lawyer?

Oh, that’s-- It’s not like I’ve always, I guess it’s like I’ve always felt wanting to do that kinda thing, like politics or law, something in that area. I don’t know, it’s just like-- I don’t know! It’s kind of hard to explain, ‘cause it’s like, I never had any other… choice, I guess. Like I never really wanted to be a doctor, or like an astronaut, or those other jobs that people always-- that as kid, you always wanna be. It was just, “Oh, a lawyer, that’d be cool!” So I don’t know, it’s just something there that makes you wanna do it.

Wow, that’s really cool. You seem so sure of yourself.

[laughs] Um, yeah, I mean, it’s not like I’m always sure. There’s times when I’m like, “Uh, maybe I should do something else.” Like, obviously going to Davis I’m surrounded by a lot of STEM majors, so it’s like, maybe I should do that? It crosses my mind occasionally. But I was never really into it, so maybe. Well, going off watching Law & Order, if I had to, I would be a forensic scientist.

Okay, so, um, changing gears again, ah. What’s your family like?

My family, okay. I live with both my parents, I have a little sister, and I also live with my grandpa.

Oh, cute. What’s like, a value that your parents have raised you with that you kinda kept your whole life? You know what I mean?

Hm, um, well, my parents were immigrants, so it’s like that immigrants idea of hard work, like working really hard and like, achieving better than the previous generation. So I think the value of hard work was really, like, really instilled in me, and it’s something that’s really carried me throughout my entire life. ‘Cause it’s always going back to that, like, working hard, all you need to do is to work hard to be happy, to succeed in life. That’s so important to me. Yeah.

Yeah, my parents are immigrants too, so they’ve definitely showed me that hard work will get you far. Um, what about… Are you close to your sister?

Yeah, I’d say so. When we started high school together-- like, when we were younger, we really fought a lot, but I guess when we started high school together, she’s only like two years younger than me, so we’ve always been pretty close in age, and when we were in high school together, I guess that’s when we started to be close.

Ooh, what’s one of your favorite and least favorite things about living in San Jose?

Favorite… favorite, I think-- okay, it’s like, one thing that’s both my favorite and least favorite at the same time. Yeah, so it’s like, there’s so many boba places everywhere. That’s great if you really want boba, but there are some times where I’m like, “I don’t want boba. But there’s only a boba place nearby.” So it’s both ways, it’s like, oh, when I really want it, “Wow, so many options,” when I don’t want it, I’m like, “Oh… that’s all that’s here.”

What are some of your hobbies?

I really like to write. Like, I’m also-- other than Circle K, I write for the Davis Political Review, so I write political, like, I write about news stories and give my opinions on them, so I really like writing.

What’s your favorite part about writing?

It’s just like… I kind of like the process itself. It’s like, just sitting down, and like crafting together a story, or like an article, it’s just really cool to me. It’s really, um… it just gets me going, in a way. It’s really cool. And it’s just really good to see it get published, it’s like, “Wow, I actually did all of that,” like, just being able to see it. All the work I put into it, and seeing where I started from, which is basically a blank page, and seeing what comes out of it.

I love that. I love that. I do like writing too, but I’ve never actually had my things published, or written for a group like that, so I think that’s really cool. Um… What is something that you wish you could improve about yourself?

Hm, that’s hard. Huh. Um… I’d say like, just having more confidence, I’d say. Yeah, I know I sounded pretty confident when I was talking about all the law stuff, you know, but like, there is times I seriously do doubt what I’m doing. And it’s like, I do need to be more confident and like-- confident like in decisions I make personally, and also in like… confident in my relationships, too. I think that’s so important too. It’s like, I’m always that kind of person that’s worrying about like, whether I’m still close with people, even though that’s something I shouldn’t be worrying about.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Just overthinking things a lot. Going off of that, would you say you’re more of an introvert or more of an extrovert?

Ahh, I’d say I’m more extroverted. Yeah, I really like being around people, just being able to talk to people, sitting down. I’m more like one-on-one, actually, I really like that more than big groups. But yeah.

So you’re like-- How would you, I guess, rate your introvertedness versus extrovertedness? Or like, um, I don’t know what the right-- Oooh, like I think everyone’s a bit of both, you know what I mean? So I guess how would you say that manifests itself in you?

I think that’s what I said, like, extroverted in terms of like, one-on-one, I’d be down to talk about anything. But not necessarily extroverted in that I always need to be, like… I guess yeah, extroverted in the sense that I talk to people and am open to talking, but not necessarily in large groups.

I see, I see. So, what are some goals you have for yourself this year? It can be personal goals, or goals within Circle K or your position.

Hm, goals… For one, within Circle K, just improve our fundraising numbers and stuff. That is my job, so. [laughs] Do my job! Pretty simple goal. Do my job, do it well. I think that’s a pretty good goal. And then um, I also need to grow personally, like maturing more. I realized how, I guess this past year, I realized how like, there’s a lot I want to work on, in terms of being more mature, being more independent. I realized how much I really rely on my family, now that I’ve moved out and away for the year. So I think just working on being more independent, being more mature. Those are two big goals I have. And then obviously doing well in school, doing well in school would be good too.

Oh, speaking of school, actually, what made you want to choose UC Davis?

Ooh, um, it came down to UC Davis and San Diego. Those were the two choices I had. So I visited both places, and… I just, it just felt much more-- When I visited both places, I thought about it. I was actually leaning more towards San Diego, I was like pretty set on it, almost. I was really set on it, and then suddenly, I was like, “Oh, I kind of like it better in Davis.” Davis felt more like a home to me, Davis felt more like a community sense to me. So I was like, “Oh, I’m changing my mind, I’m going to Davis.” So it was like, kind of last minute, ‘cause I told my parents, “I’ll probably choose San Diego.” And then I was like, “Oh, never mind, I’m choosing Davis now.”

Where is somewhere that you’ve always really wanted to travel?

Ooh! I’ve always wanted to go to Rome. I always thought that was a really cool place, like, the history, everything’s like hundreds and hundreds of years old. And it’s just really cool to me, being in that city, where those buildings are super ancient.

Yeah, same! I’ve always wanted to go to Rome too, I think everything behind it is so interesting. What’s something you’ve always wanted to do when traveling?

Something I’ve always wanted to do. Huh, I think… I’m afraid of heights, but I kinda wanna go skydiving. *laughs*

Do you have a story about something that you think really shaped you into who you are today?

A singular story that shaped me… Um… I guess, let’s see. So I guess in my freshman year of high school, um, so there was this-- yeah so, I only did Key Club my junior and senior year, but my freshman and sophomore years I was really into this, it’s called UNICEF. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of it. So we had a club on our campus that like, worked with them, so I just-- That fall of freshman year, I was honestly really like, I don’t know, like, worrying about transitioning into high school, and I was really shy. I guess before high school I was really really shy, like super insecure and super shy, and then um. I guess when I started in UNICEF, I started to open up more. And I actually got a leadership position that fall, as a freshman. So it was really like, it was a really sudden turn for me. All of a sudden like, “Wow, I have to talk to people now! I gotta like, be a leader now.” And it was something I really enjoyed doing. Once I got into it, I was like, “Wow, this is really something for me.” And it really brought me out and into public speaking, and into leading, and into community service, and it was like, yeah, so that’s what brought me out. And if it wasn’t for that opportunity and for that moment where I felt so supported by senior officers, they were always like, they always wanted to see me grow, and just having that support, having that chance was… it made me want to do all these things. I want to serve my community, and if I didn’t have that, I don’t know what I’d be doing.

Yeah, it’s like you might not even be here, you know? You might not even be in Circle K. Wow, that’s amazing. What leadership position was it?

Board member, so it was basically just finding volunteer opportunities.

Okay, last question. Um, what are a couple of things you’re looking forward to this year? It can be Circle K related, or it can be just, school or personal life or anything.

Mmm… I’m really looking forward to doing Circle K more. I think this past year, except for spring quarter, I hadn’t really been too, like, going to a lot of events. So I want to go to more events, definitely, in Circle K. And then, I think living off campus, I think that’ll be pretty interesting, pretty fun. I’ll be doing a lot more cooking and yeah! That’s another thing. And I’m just looking forward to like, building more friendships within Circle K, outside of Circle K, just building more friendships in general.

Oh actually, are you in any other clubs besides Circle K?

Uh well, I-- My Christian fellowship and Asian American Christian Fellowship. So that’s something I do a lot, actually. Yeah, we do a Bible study every week and we have a worship night every Friday. If I’m not in Circle K, I’m probably doing that.

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