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Why did you join Circle K?

I wanted to continue with the Kiwanis Family, ‘cause I was in Key Club for four years, but I never really had the right time during my freshman year. And then I remember seeing an ad for like, sardines at the Death Star or something, or just like games running around here, and I came out and I joined, and yeah. That was earlier this year, in fall quarter. Um, I don’t know, I really wanted to find somewhere where I like, could fit in, ‘cause I didn’t really fit in with my housemates. Not to sound shade, but I--it just didn’t really work out, and then… um, yeah, Circle K was fun, and they were really welcoming.

That’s really good. I’m really happy you found a place where you can belong. So what made you want to run for secretary?

I got nominated. *laughs* Well, um, I felt bad for not doing that much during my senior year of Key Club, so I really wanted to do something more, and I remember, like, at the officer training, Tiffany, she came up to me, I think she noticed that I was being hesitant, and she was like, “Sometimes people are officers to help motivate themselves to do more,” so. I kind of just took her hint. *chuckles*

How has being secretary been for you so far?

It’s been a hwild ride. ‘Cause I knew that like, from the start, no one really knew who I was, so I really tried to put myself out more, which is not what I normally do, ‘cause I like to hide away in the corner with my turtle shell of a backpack. *laughs* But it’s been nice, but everyone’s very welcoming, and I know a lot of people now. And then, it’s really kinda like, pushed my limits of how thin I can stretch myself, in terms of time. Because it’s like, I have to do Circle K stuff, then I have to study for my exams, so. Right now it’s not too bad. Um, I think for sure it’ll get a lot more hectic during fall quarter, which is my biggest concern, ‘cause fall quarter rush. It’s gonna be hard. But I think it’s just, all my classes are just so poorly timed *laughs*. Schedule-wise, like, during the day it’s not bad, but exam-wise it’s really bad. Because it just happened that every midterm season, they just all lined up during the same week! It hasn’t been all too bad, but right now it’s like, make it or break it, so… I’m really clenching this time around.

Why did you choose microbio for your major?

I… like, coming out of high school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I just knew I wanted to do biology. I knew that general biology is very hard because a lot of people apply for general biology, so I tried to narrow it down to what each school offered. And so, when I looked at Davis, it was between cell bio or microbio, and I was like, “The little guys, like me!” *laughs* So I picked that for here, and then, for the other ones it was similar, like the process of top pick and second pick. Um, cell bio kind of focuses more on like, the individual cell and how it functions, and then microbio is like, all different bacteria and yeast and the good stuffs. Not the good stuffs, but like--the STUFFS. Like the infections and diseases, and I really wanted to go more towards immunology and figuring out diseases and prevention and that kind of stuff.

What do you want to do with your major?

Mmm, hoping to work in a lab with either, like a hospital lab doing blood tests, or like, vaccine building, that kinda stuff. ‘Cause that’s gonna be a hot topic. It’s just that like, in terms of healthcare, um, we really only have one viable strain of vaccine. ‘Cause, um, in the past fifty years, we’ve kind of blown through all of them, so it’s gonna be a really hot topic as like, all the current viruses catch up with us, and… we’re already kinda pushing that point with all the new influenzas, H1N1, H2N2, whatever.

Have you had a Circle K moment? If you haven’t had one, then you can talk about a Key Club moment, if you want.

I don’t know… There’s a lot of moments. It’s kinda hard to pick one, ‘cause I wasn’t that active until recently, and like, everything recently is still a blur. ‘Cause I’m just like, “What have I done in the last five weeks?” This quarter has just blown by. Um… I think my Circle K moment had to be like, the… the lines. The Big/Little reveal. ‘Cause it was just so cute, looking around at everyone and being like “Hah, look at you and your big!” And now I’m like looking at them like, “Hah, look at you now!” Like, it’s like this nice cute progression, because at first everyone’s trolling each other and not really knowing what to say about each other, and now they’re like, you’re trolling each other because you know so much about each other.

That’s true, I like that. That’s a good way to put it. How’s family life?

Family life, family life’s pretty good. Usually I really only talk to my mom. I’ll hit up my brother once in a while, and he’s like, “Okay. Whatever.” *laughs* I’m like, “Okay,” too. Sometimes I’ll talk to my dad, in like a three-way call with my mom if he just happens to be on the line too. Um, right now it’s kinda rough because we’re trying to figure out my dad’s car situation. ‘Cause he’s had--OKAY. THIS CAR HAS GOT TO GO. Yeah, so, he has a red Forerunner, it’s like twenty years old. Which isn’t bad, right. But it’s got like 500,00 miles on that thing. Yeah, so, that car has got to go, and they called me during the weekend, saying that it’s like dying, and so I was kinda panicking this past weekend, like “I don’t know if I can come home to help y’all figure out the car.” ‘Cause they were like, “Oh, we need you to come home soon so you can--you will have a car, but your dad will take it for now,” kinda situation. I was like, “I don’t know if I can come home anytime soon to like, sort that out.” But the other part is, he drives down to SoCal for work, which is why he has 500,000 miles on his car, so. He lives in SoCal, and he comes up every so often, and so that was why they were like, “You need to come home, soon.” And I was like, “I don’t have time between now and the end of the quarter.” And even then, I’ll have work and summer session. So that’s my family thing. But other than that we’re chilling. It was just that one hick and I was like, I hate this, it’s midterm rush, I really can’t come home right now either.

What are some of your hobbies?

My hobbies. What hobbies? We’re college students. *laughs* No I’m kidding. If I have time, I’ll doodle a little bit. I have some extra sketchbooks laying around, and I’ll just pop one open and like, do little random doodles, like aliens and squids. I don’t know why squids, they’re just so easy. Just triangles! Anyways, I do a lot of origami. Um, I watch Youtube, Buzzfeed mainly, or like sort of food. Sometimes, if I have enough time, I’ll dabble a little bit in a K-drama. *laughs* If I’m home then I’ll go around with my mom, like shopping around wherever. And I like baking basic shiz.

Do you bake or cook often?

Not since I came here. Ingredients are expensive here. Especially eggs. Eggs are so expensive here. No, one carton of eggs is like 4 or 5 bucks, and I’m like, “That’s so expensive…” In Sac it’s like $2 for the same thing. Um, but yeah. Cooking, I’ll cook because I gotta eat.

So, you kinda have like a catchphrase.

Oh, yeah.

“Hey, bud.”

Hey bud, what’s up? *laughs*

What got you into saying that?

So, I used to always say, “Hey, man, what’s up?” But like, Davis, we’re gender-neutral and politically… somewhere on the spectrum. So I was like, okay, let’s change it to be a little bit more gender-neutral, a little bit more friendly, open. So, “Hey bud.” Like, you little young bean sprout. But I think people would give you weird looks if you called them a bean sprout, so… There’s that. Bean sprout and bud are kind of the same thing, but like, if I came up behind you and I was like, “Hello, young bean sprout!” I bet you’d be like, “...WHAT.” *laughs*

What is something that you are looking forward to this year/term? It can be whatever you’re looking forward to, Circle K-related or not Circle K-related. Just anything.

Circle K-related, I guess like seeing everyone branch off. Because a lot of us are first years, or it’s our first year in Circle K, so it’s--it’s kinda nice seeing everyone, like… It’s nice to see everyone branching out and like, talking to other schools, ‘cause I was talking to the older returning Circle K members and they were saying that, in the years past we weren’t like… well-known in our division. Like, they would be like, “WOW, Davis actually came to an event?? WOW, Davis applied to positions??” Yeah, so it’s like, hearing them say that and then comparing it to now, it’s like, we as a little school has gone far, so let’s go further. Especially with the district committee takeovers, oh man.

What’s another thing you’re looking forward to that’s non-Circle K related?

Mmm… non-Circle K-related… I guess like, so--I’m moving out of my current apartment, so I’m looking forward to see how I’ll live with my new ones, and right now, my friend who’s transferring, she’s a potential housemate. And so, I’m kinda really hoping she says yes. And if she does, I’m looking forward to that. Right now it’s three of us, if my friend says she’s gonna join us then it’ll be four.

I’ve never asked this question before, how do you feel about like, the bike culture at Davis?

Bikes, there’s too many freaking bikes, NOT ENOUGH BIKE PARKING. No, I think it’s cool, ‘cause if you go anywhere else, it’s very car-centric, or like... yeah, very car-centric, but then here it’s very self-sufficient. Like all the buses are driven by students, students bike everywhere, and it’s not even that far to bike from like, the corner of Davis to the south corner of Davis. So it’s kinda crazy that you can just kinda do that in a day and not die. But yeah, I still stand by what I said earlier. Too many bikes, too little parking! I don’t care if they’re building more parking right now, but there’s gonna be more students in the fall, and that’s not enough. Like you know the closed off areas when you walk down the library? That used to be a sandy patch, I think they’re putting bike parking right there.

Why do you spend so much time in the freaking library?

HEY MAN, clutch time clench time, you gotta clench yourself so tight that you can’t get messed up by your exams, okay? I like to study on my free time so I get good grades. Yeah, just gotta ham out. Um, if I’m alone, then I’ll go straight to the basement and like, you turn into the bookshelves, there’s the little individual desks. Those are kinda nice ‘cause they have their own plugs sometimes. If I’m with people, then it’s just that basement general area, or like the reading room. And then usually migrate to the 24 hour room, once it gets to that time.

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