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Julissa Ortiz







Animal Science

Rancho Cucamonga, CA



Why did you join Circle K?

I wanted to do like service events or like community Events cuz I think freshman year I was kind of I volunteered for this group and I liked it and then people told me about Circle K but I never really went on my own until spring quarter but spring quarter was kind of tough so I actually fully didn't really join Until fall quarter.

Okay. So why did you want to be the a service project director?

I feel like organizing events is pretty cool especially like branching out to other organizations that we haven't done so far so I think like being able to do that for the club would be nice um just to get like different perspectives, different experiences.

So I had no idea that you were animal science in my heart a little bit so why did you choose animal science?

I just switched it actually.

What were you originally?

Biology so I switch to Animal science I'm kind of leaning towards Wildlife fish and conservation biology.So I'm not exactly sure yet. I switched because I wanted to be more specific. And I want to take classes in that field to see if I would like it.

What do you hope to do with your major or like I guess since you're thinking of like switching around is there a kind of goal that you have?

Like career-wise? Not really. I'm not really sure yet.

So our predecessors had silver last year so what is your MRP goal for this term?


What is something you wish you could improve about yourself?

I feel like I'm really indecisive I wish I was more assertive especially in the decisions that I make and that I stick with them. Without thinking like oh maybe it would have happened better if I went with that.

Are you the kind of person to believe everything happens for a reason or do you lean more towards that happened because you made something happen?

I believe in everything happens for a reason just because it makes me feel better haha! So like if I chose something wrong I can say oh well it's okay.

I remember talking to you about this a while ago, has optimism always been essential part of your personality?

I think so yeah. I don't know why. I think I just really like to think that there's-- but even if people make mistakes maybe they're perceived in the wrong way but people just don't understand them I like to think up there's always more.

Is your family like that? Ummm, not really.

Some of them, not really.

Do you have a big family?

Uhh, yeah!

Like stereotypical Mexican family?

Well like my family family is my brother, two sisters, my sister has two kids and she has a stepdaughter. And then from there branches off into like my aunt's and stuff like that.

Who are you closest to in your family?

Ummm, I would say my mom.

I think this one is really funny, tell me a story about an embarrassing moment.

Okay I guess when I was in elementary school hahaha. I remember doing a multiplication times tables test and then it was like really quiet and I think I snorted really loud and I was like oh my gosh and I couldn't concentrate on my test hahaha!

I just like these questions in general Darriene did a really good job with these questions. What are some of your hobbies? Or just things you enjoy doing.

I'm not sure if it's the hobby or not But I like in town activities or like festivals. In my own time I don't think I have much little things here and there but nothing that I'm really dedicating time towards.

Do you prefer City over suburbs? Is it more City where you live or is it more suburbs at home?

It's more like in between I really like like Davis. I'd rather be in Davis then LA just because there's a lot of traffic and people running around and people take their own pace here.

What is something you wish more people knew about you?

I don't know actually.

Is there something you think people are surprised about they learn about you that they wouldn't expect?

I think I'm like pretty open book there's not many surprises. Or at least I don't think I have any...

Going back to the other one about the Circle K moment or you can just pick something that was like a great moment or a good time.

I'm trying to think of all the events that happened like when I joined. There was like the corn maze but I don't think it was the corn maze but it was an event probably after that haha. I think it might be like the horse ranch.

Phoenix horse ranch?

Yea! But we also did some other events I'm not sure if it was a service Marathon or not. It probably was, but I'm not sure possibly possibly. Just that whole day was really cool because it was the first time that I was able to hang out with all of you guys throughout the day and I've never like been a part of something like that. yeah. So it's nice to like get to know a lot of people and everyone was so open so like inviting so you could easily talk to them. There's more to it but...

This is just a random question I thought of, are you a cook person or going out person? Eating out or dining in?

I'm more like in between best to eat out every once in awhile but it's also good to cook your own food hahaha. I always try to cook my own food if I can so recently I've been like looking at different types of food that I can make I made chicken soup that was really good but the first time I ever made it it was pretty bad hahaha.

What kind of nationality are you going for when you cook?

That's a good question when I try to do something different I either have to invite my friends or we do it all together kind of thing instead of our my own but if I do something on my own it's quick and simple that way I don't take up too much time cooking because I'm not experienced in cooking I take a lot of time trying to cook stuff.

What is one of the things that you are looking forward to as a service project director?

I feel like just doing events with you guys I feel like that's like really fun I know like the stress I can be pretty bad but like you have your main core and if you need help with anything else it's good experiences um seeing everything come together is just like really satisfying especially when you see the community coming together.

What in your life has sort of inspired you for the ideology of trying to help others?

I feel like maybe because I don’t know if I saw it within my family or on the streets. People can be too harsh to other people especially when they don't know what they're going through. like everyone has like a different background and so you shouldn't be judged for something you did in the moment. I probably saw it in a family member that probably did something wrong but that doesn't mean like they're a bad person you know because maybe they didn't do it on purpose kind of thing yeah so I think that's probably why.

Any last parting words, things to inspire, quotes that you want painted across murals, etc?

So I saw this quote right and so I've been living by it but I feel like I'm already again just to make me feel better hahaha; it’s okay to live a life that other people don't understand. So I think that's like -- really I think people really try to make other people happy when you should make yourself happy first even if somebody doesn't understand the things that you do as long as it's what you want to do then that's good.

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