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San Jose, CA



What made you want to be SVP?

Well, um, I wanted to be SVP because I really do like doing service as a part of Circle K, and I wanted also to be like...I don’t know, I wanna do more for Circle K cause then without Circle K I feel like I wouldn’t really have any friends, or like know anyone other than people I go to class with, or like people that are in my dorm, so I wanted to give back to the club. And also I wanted a say in what events we were doing!

Oh really?

No, it’s not that, it’s just like, there are some events that I really like, so I wanted to do them more often. So I knew as service vice president I could kinda call the shots. But like, that’s kinda superficial, but ANYWAY--no, but I do like doing community service, so I thought service vice president would be a great opportunity for me to do that, and if I wasn’t--if I didn’t get service vice president, I would probably apply for service project director, just to be a part of service and stuff. And also, Max being SVP also kinda had something to do with it too. It kinda pushed me more to be SVP.

So Max was kind of a role model?

Yeah, Max is kinda a role model to me. I really do look up to him, as a big and as a predecessor.

When you said there were events that you really liked that you wanted to keep doing, what were you referring to?

Phoenix Horse Ranch! *laughs* I love Phoenix Horse Ranch! Sue is so nice. And also the animals there are like rescued, or mostly rescued, so-- I mean she bought some of the animals, but most of them just like needed a home. And like she runs the whole thing by herself too. She accepts donations, but usually it’s just out of her own pocket, so like, I really do wanna help her... just help her and the animals that are there, because like, the animals are so cute! And they deserve a good home.

Are you a big fan of animals?

Yeah. I just like animals. They’re like so cute.

So how come you’re not an animal science major?

I feel like.. I dunno. So it’s like, I feel like my parents wouldn’t like it that much if I was an animal science major, because they want me to do, I don’t know, more in life, per se. So it’s like… what they want from me is like, they want me to go through college, get a job, be financially stable, so like I would be able to have a good life compared to what they had, because they had to work really hard to get to where they are right now. And then they want me to do the same-ish type thing, so I would be able to life a life that I want to live and not one I have to live. But yeah. I mean, I feel like they wouldn’t be too against it, but at the same time I know they would kind of be a little disappointed.

Are you first generation in America?

Ummm… yes, but I’m not the first generation to go to college. My parents came over here because of the war, but my mom was a high schooler when she came over, so she was able to go to college. My dad was the same thing, yeah, he was able to go to college too, so although I am first generation, I’m not first generation college student.

Do you know where they went?

Uh, my mom went to SJSU, but I don’t know where my dad went. Somewhere! Yeah, for me it was either SJSU or Davis. I didn’t really wanna stay at home, so like--that’s the reason why I didn’t wanna go to SJSU. I feel like I have a lot more freedom here. I feel like if I went to SJSU I wouldn’t really get to know a lot of people there, because I would have to go home, instead of staying in the dorms. So we wouldn’t be able to have those all-nighters til 10:45, the random boba runs to On Tap cause it’s right next door. And plus I feel like I’m more independent here, because I don’t have my parents to rely on all the time, so I have to do things myself. (...) And also I don’t have them breathing down my neck 24/7.

Are your parents really strict with you?

I wouldn’t say they’re very strict, but they are strict. It’s like they literally tell me what time I have to go to sleep by because they don’t want me staying up past 3 AM. So like--I mean that’s a good thing, but then also during high school they had set things for me like what I can and couldn’t do. It’s kinda like--I couldn’t really hang out with my friends a lot, because I had other stuff I have to do, like swimming, because my parents like kept me in swimming all throughout my whole life. So I didn’t really have outside time to go like, hang out with friends and stuff, and also they would be like, “Oh, do your homework, just finish all your assignments before you do anything else,” kind of.

Okay, I’m gonna ask the question I think everyone wants to know: why are you so addicted to boba?

WAIT A MINUTE! *laughs* Okay so, it’s not really that I’m addicted to boba. It’s just like, for me, getting boba was kinda like the only time I hung out with my friends.

In high school?

In high school, yeah. Near the end of senior year it was swim season, um, for high school, and so my parents had less of like, a grasp on me, kinda thing. I was out a lot more, and I had to go to swim practice at my school, so they didn’t really have to like pick me up and drive somewhere else. So like, I would go out with my friends a lot like after practice to go get milk tea, so like milk tea is kinda the only time I really got to go hang out with my friends. So like, as I got into college, my parents had absolutely no control over me, cause like I have my own credit card, my own debit card, and my own bank account that they can’t see! So it’s like, I feel like that kinda rubbed off on me, so it’s like the only time I ever got to hang out with my friends was through boba, so that’s why I got boba a lot, and like--

Just a lot more… freedom for yourself and also to hang out with other people.

Yeah, freedom to hang out with other people, and also like something I can actually do, cause like, there’s also a lot of boba places around here, and it’s just a quick bike ride to T4, or like a quick walk to On Tap.

What’s one of your favorite things about yourself?

Favorite things about myself? I think I really like my spontaneity--is that a word?--yeah, cause I feel like I like being the spontaneous type, just like down to go whatever, to go out. Cause that’s how you get new experiences, and like, also test your limits in some way. So like yeah. I really like doing spontaneous trips. Like one time, it was over winter break, my friends and I just started planning a Monterey trip for the next day. And literally they were like, “Hey. Wanna just go to monterey tomorrow?” and I’m like, “Shit, I’m down!” So yeah, we planned it in a night and we just went. From San Jose to Monterey. And then we went hiking. But yeah. I just like being spontaneous.

Have you always been that spontaneous?

I feel like it’s because my parents had such a control over my life, I wasn’t able to be spontaneous. So like, once I got into senior year and then college, it’s like I’ve been able to be more spontaneous without them just dictating what I do. (...) Cause like, before, I think I was spontaneous, but I always second-guessed myself, like would my parents allow me to do this? Do I really wanna do this? But now it’s like, “Let’s go! I’m down to do whatever! Oh, we’re going to Sac tomorrow? Let’s go!”

Alright, one last thing. Why did you join Circle K?

It’s like um, in high school I never really joined any clubs, so in college I kinda did want something to do with my time, cause I knew being holed up in a dorm all day, every single day was gonna be boring, so like I was thinking of joining a club, but then my brother was the one who pushed me to join Circle K. So like, he literally messaged Tiffany, David, Lawrence, a bunch of other people, to come find me and drag me to the meeting. But like they never really did that, but it’s kinda funny to hear. It just kinda happened naturally: so I saw them tabling one day, so I was like, “Okay, I guess I’ll give it a try.” So I went to the first meeting and I was like, “Wow. This seems pretty fun!” And then after the meeting, Sac State had a social at Red 88, and like, I went with them, and that’s where I kind of met David, Nicayo, Jesus, and everyone else. Um, and Kevin for a short minute or two. I didn’t know who he was, I just remember him being like dead from drinking like 8 cups of thai tea. And then it kind of went off from there, and then I started going out to more Circle K events and that’s how I got more into the club.

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