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Nora Lovell







Food Science

Arcata, CA



Why did you join Circle K?

I joined because someone tabled to me, and you know, I was kinda lonely and didn’t have friends, so it sounded like a good way to meet people, and I also really like community service. Um, in my junior year of high school, I got...I think over a hundred hours of community service just independently doing service by myself, without an organization, um, and then I received two presidential service awards--two or three, I can’t remember. And then, yeah I’ve just been doing community service all my life, so it’s very important to me. I was in Interact in high school, Interact wasn’t that great, and we didn’t have Key Club, so… But you know, still trying to do that service.

How come you didn’t do Rotaract when you came to college?

Um, because Circle K tabled to me first, they were tabling a day before classes started and I just was walking in front og the CoHo and they talked to me. And then I was actually looking--so I was like, okay, I’ll go to a meeting, I’ll check it out. And so their meeting started, but I was actually looking for Rotaract, but I didn’t find them until the Involvement Fair a couple weeks in, and at that point I’d already decided that I liked the vibe I was getting from Circle K, so. And then when they tabled to me, it was kinda awkward, so I didn’t go.

Why did you run for AVP?

I think i ran because, you know, obviously when I first joined I really liked the club and I wanted to do more. I think anything I do, I always want to like, do the most I can possibly do, I like being really involved. I did A-Board for one year, MR Chair, your predecessor, um, and I really liked that, but I think the whole time it was still like, I just wanted to be doing more because I felt like I had a lot more to offer and I felt like I wasn’t doing everything I could do. So I decided I really wanted to be on E-Board and I came to say AVP was the best position for me because I really like, um, helping others and being there to support people, so I figured, like, it would be really nice to be able to support all my A-Board members and you know, help them grow as leaders instead of trying to like, develop myself, also develop other people, so, I think that’s why I wanted this position.

So did you have a Circle K moment?

I don’t know… Um, I think it’s hard for me because, like, my first year, even when I was involved, I never really felt like I was in it, until like I kinda became on board, and then i kinda like was already knew that I liked the club, so I feel like there wasn’t like a defining moment. I think for me, I mean, if i thought back on like my favorite memory, it would probably be DCON 2018, cause it was my first DCON ever and it was like so cool seeing everyone, and you know, I actually like--the House of Delegates, and the awards and everything, and so overall it was a really fun experience for me. But I don’t know if it would be like, my CKI moment. I don’t know if I have one. I think… if I thought back to something else that could contribute to my CKI moment, possibly just like, CLSSP committee, cause that was like when I really felt like I one hundred percent belong here, like this is my family. But I still don’t know if it’s like, my moment, CKI or die, you know. But I don’t know, I feel like either DCON or CLSSP in general are like the two, you know, where I was like ahh, I do feel like a family. But not really necessarily my moment, as everyone describes their moment.

Why did you choose food science for your major?

Okay, so I chose food science, um so sophomore year of high school, I just was like, ehh, I’m not really gonna go to college, maybe I’ll go to like culinary school. Um, cause I knew that--I was trying to be like, “Okay, what the hell do I wanna do for the rest of my life? I have no idea.” And the only thing I knew that I loved was baking, like I knew that that was something I loved, so obviously I do have interest in food itself. So I was thinking about going to pastry school, becoming a baker or some shit, but um, I kind of also realized, I was like… I don’t know if I would love the hours that that entails, cause like a lot of early mornings and stuff. Um, and then, also, I was like in the top ten percent in my high school and I was super academic, taking AP classes and stuff, so I was like, I don’t know if just going to culinary school would be enough for me, like would I just get bored with it cause it wasn’t like challenging me? And so my mom ended up taking me to a college fair in the next town over at the beginning of my junior year, and we were walking around, and I was like, “these colleges are great, but like, what do I study?” And she was like, “Oh, I think Davis has this thing called Food Science,” and so we went over to the Davis booth, and the lady didn’t know much about food science, but she said a little bit. I was like, “oh this is really cool,” so I kind of looked into it a little bit, I was like “hmm, this seems interesting,” you know, food, but like more academic than just going to culinary school. And yeah, from then on I wanted to do food science.

And have you felt like that’s been a good fit so far?

I have no idea what the hell I wanna do with my life. I hate all the Food Science majors I know cause they’re pretentious and dicks, and um, in food science, basically most people are just gonna go work for some large shitty corporation that just wants to profit off of making terrible food and feeding people junk, and I don’t want to do any of that, so… I have no idea. I have no idea. I think--I don’t know, I think I’m gonna follow through with it. I think I’ve--recently I’ve kind of gone back to thinking, you know, I think I might just want to open up like, a bakery or something, maybe I could have my own ice cream parlor or something, but um, you know, I can use what I know in food science to like… you know, I think it could be a really good way of thinking about like making these products aside from just, “Oh, I know how to make it,” just why each step does what it does, so hopefully I can get a really good product. Otherwise, I might try to find a company that I do think is moral--like, I just don’t want to work for immoral companies, so maybe try to work for Ben & Jerry’s or something. So we’ll see, I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing with my life. The last couple months, I’ve been in like a “oh my god, is this really something I want to do, I don’t know.”

Can you describe your family, family life in general?

Yeah, so, I grew up with both my parents, um, and my older sister. My parents are both, uh--I say they’re both teachers, my mom’s a teacher, my dad is a school administrator, he runs an after-school program, um, but yeah. It’s kinda weird cause my dad always worked at the school that I went to up until high school, and when it was high school, he didn’t work there, but he was on the school board for my school, so he’s always been really involved in my education, but not necessarily in a bad way. He’s not like--my parents aren’t overbearing, they’re just generally--they were really good growing up because they were always like, just do the best that you can. There was no expectation that I must be getting straight A’s, but you know, if I’m getting a C and they know that I can do better, then that’s not okay, but they always said, “If the best that you can do is a B, then we don’t care if you get that B.” Um, and that followed through to college which was really great, cause you know, my grades are not that high, but they’re like “As long as you know you’re doing the best you can, that’s all we expect of you.” So I think that’s a really good way to teach your children, you know, we don’t expect perfection, we expect you to try as much as you can. Whatever happens, happens. Yeah, um, family’s really important to me, we grew up with like most of my mom’s family living around us, so we them all the time, and that’s really nice. Um, yeah, I have an older sister, she’s graduating from college next week, so I’m really excited. Um, we’re really close, we get along really well. We do have our ups and downs, but we do love each other. Um… I don’t know what else to say about my family, I love them!

So, cats and pineapple. Why cats and pineapple?

If anyone knows me at all, they know my two favorite things: cats and pineapple. If you don’t know that I love those, then we’re not really friends. Okay, um, pineapples just because they’re delicious and amazing and I’ve always, like they’ve always been one of my favorite fruits. Also they’re super cute, like I just love how they look. Um, and then cats, so my mom and all my mom’s sisters, like her whole side of the family, they’re like all cat people. So I grew up--we’ve never had less than two cats since I’ve been alive. And so, I don’t know, they’re just--I appreciate them, you know, they just do what they want, and they don’t take shit from anyone, and I feel like that’s a good way to live your life. Do what makes you happy, and if what makes you happy is laying on your bed, catching sun or chasing after birds, you know, do that. You know, my cat, or the cats I’ve had have always been like, we are the boss, you’re not fucking with us. The dog, he is on the bottom of the barrel, like the cats run that house. So I don’t know, I just appreciate them. They’re so loving, too, and they’re so low maintenance, I love low maintenance things. Cause like dogs, they’re super high maintenance, you have to walk them, and they can be super energetic and require a lot, but with cats, I can just put out some food, and I’m chilling.

What are some of your hobbies?

My favorite hobby is baking. I love to bake. Um, yeah, that’s like my main hobby TBH, I don’t do a lot, I’m not interesting.

Don’t say that!

It’s true! Um, I could be generic, I could say, “Oh, I love listening to music, I like watching Netflix, I like reading books and whatnot.” But I think like, the only thing that’s not generic is I really like baking. I remember like the first time that I really fell in love with it was, um, we were going on a picnic with some family friends, and we were gonna make food, and my mom was like, “Yeah, we’re gonna make oatmeal cookies,” and I was like, “I can do it!” I think that was the first time I had ever made anything, one, by myself, and two, from scratch, and so I got out the cookbook, found the oatmeal cookie recipe, and I made it all by myself, and everyone said it was really good, and like, um, it wasn’t--I think the reason that I liked it wasn’t necessarily because like, everyone gave me praise for it, but it was like, I was able to make something that people really appreciated and make their day a little bit better with what I made. So I think I was like, 11 or 12, and I was like, “wow, that was pretty cool,” and ever since then I have liked baking.

That’s so cute! Have you ever had any baking disaster stories?

YES, oh yes. Um, I think, I was probably like a freshman or sophomore in high school, and I always bake things for like, Thanksgiving and Christmas, um, and I always try to be super elaborate. My uncle is, my uncle is actually a baker, but um, so he makes really good stuff. So I always try to make something super cool, and I was like, “You know what I’mma do? I’m gonna make a Yule log.” It’s like a roll cake and it’s usually for Christmas. Like, it looks like a log and you can put meringue mushrooms. So you know, I had made meringues before, and I made meringue mushrooms, they were okay, I had trouble getting them to stick together with the chocolate, I have never been good at tempering chocolate. I don’t have the patience for hot chocolate. I now know that when you make a roll cake--so it’s a really thin cake, you roll it out and you bake it, it doesn’t bake for that long--but what you have to do is you have to roll up before it cools and let it cool in that roll shape, and then you can unroll it, put your filling in, and then roll it back up, because you can’t put the filling in while it’s hot. But if you leave it flat while it cools, then when you try to roll it, it’ll just break in half. Or um, not break, but it’ll just get cracks all over and will not work out well. But of course I didn’t know this. I had never taken--I took a culinary class in high school my sophomore year, but I had never actually taken like, any baking education before this, and so I just made it, and I went to go fill it and roll it up, and the whole thing just broke, and it was like Christmas morning, I was making it for Christmas dinner, I didn’t have time to like make another one, and I cried so much. I was so sad. Also, um, over this last Christmas break, I was making a pastry, and so I had my cream mixture heating up on the stove, and my sister at the same time was making spaghetti for dinner, and she accidentally dumped the jar of spaghetti sauce into my pot of cream instead of her empty pot. I yelled at her so much. It was probably like… several dollars worth of cream that we had to throw out, like, it was a lot of cream, and I think I barely had enough to redo it. I was so pissed at her. And then my parents were like, “Nora, it’s fine, you can just start over, don’t worry about it,” and I’m like, how are you that dumb though?! I was really mean to her, I kind of felt bad afterwards, but I was--I mean that wasn’t really my fault, I was just like how are you that dumb? I’ve had a lot of other baking disasters. I’ve had a lot of crying because my things break or, when you drop stuff on the ground, that’s just heartbreaking, man.

I think I’m gonna ask one more question, cause like… yeah. Okay. What is something you’re really looking forward to, this term or this year? It can be CKI-related or not.

I’m looking forward to being on that DCON committee! *laughs* No, don’t put that in there, just in case. If I do end up on the committee, you can say that. *laughs* Um, I think I’m just really looking forward to getting to know people better and also, um--it’s so generic. Like, I don’t know, I feel like I’ve finally got to a place where like I feel really comfortable at divisional events and like I know a lot of people, so I feel like I just want to keep getting to know people better and like strengthening those bonds, and also bringing out new people and helping them make new friendships. ‘Cause I know sometimes like, I felt like I was always alone, like, when I went to divisional events, all my friends who were friends with people in the division would just disperse and go talk to their friends, and then like, there’s no one to introduce you, so I want to be there for all our new members and introduce them. Also, really looking forward to getting grandlittles! My littles better pick up. So yeah, I don’t know, there’s just so many exciting things that happen throughout the year, so I feel like I’m looking forward to everything, you know, just being able to help everyone through stuff, and you know we all get through stuff together. And you know, catch me at that DCON Workshops Chair, let’s go. I’m honestly really looking forward to DCON regardless, DCON is my favorite event.

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