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Starting off with Circle K questions, first, why did you join Circle K?

I joined Circle K ‘cause, so, in high school, my freshman year of high school I was in Key Club, and then-- well, all throughout high school basically, I was in Key Club, and I was actually really involved. So my sophomore year I became president of my Key Club in Santa Clara High School, and so I was extremely involved. And I wanted to continue in college, uh, yeah, that’s why I joined.

Did you have any other officer positions after you became president?

Yes, I became treasurer after. That’s it. So I started off as class rep in freshman year, and then I was elected president sophomore year, and then you know how the terms, it goes from March to March, so it’s kind of in between? So it goes from sophomore year to the middle of junior year. So yeah, from junior to senior year I was treasurer.

Oh, okay! Did you have a Key Club moment then?

Umm, I would say my Key Club moment was DCON of, I think it was 2014. Yes. It was in Anaheim. I remember like, I had a really close friend, I’m still friends with her, her name is Alicia and she’s a year younger than me. And I think, it was just a nice way to bond with people in my club. I know like most people go for like, to see other people in the district, which is, it’s District Convention so it makes sense. But me, I got to bond with people from my club, and I think that’s why it was my Key Club moment.

Aw, that’s so cute. I love DCON, I think that was one of my Key Club moments too. Did you have a Circle K moment?

I think for me-- well, I think it was, um… oh my gosh. Wait. I forgot, I think I’m confusing this, it’s called… Fall-- no. Fall...

Fall Training Conference?

Fall Training Conference, yes. I was gonna say Fall Rally North, but that’s not it. *laughs* Yes. I like Fall Training Conference. Well, I think the whole-- I don’t know if I should say this, but, there was the whole thing with the lights, and I lowkey got teary, I don’t know why. But it was very moving, and I was like, “Oh my gosh.” And this organization, like, Circle K is definitely different than Key Club, so I feel like I still need time to get adjusted to it, but I think that was my moment, yeah.

How would you compare Circle K to Key Club, in your experience?

Um, I personally-- Key Club in my high school was kind of losing popularity due to other clubs that were coming in that were community service-based. So it was kind of stressful for me because not a lot of people were passionate about it by the time I became president, so I kind of wanted to do something to bring up the membership, ‘cause it was kind of decreasing every year. I took it very personally. Like, I know I shouldn’t have, but I really, like, I put Key Club before even my grades, and I really wanted to help bring the club, you know, back where it was a few years before I became a high schooler. But, yeah. However, I think Circle K, it’s not more like I want to bring up the membership or anything like that, or like, oh we’re in the slumps. It’s not an underdog kind of a story, you know? I think I’m enjoying it a lot more, it’s not as stressful. It was really stressful for me in Key Club, like, as much as I enjoyed it and I was passionate about it, it was a lot of stress for me, and so Circle K for me is just more enjoyable. I think it’s the people there, I feel like they share more responsibility and delegate tasks better than in high school. Maybe ‘cause we’re older, maybe ‘cause we’ve learned how to share responsibility, so I think it’s a lot easier to kind of enjoy myself in this club.

Why did you want to be Family Head?

So actually, when I first joined Circle K, I was very hesitant, ‘cause I thought it was just going to be like Key Club, so I just wanted to see what it was like, but if it was way too stressful, I did not want to continue. But honestly, the people there made me feel like, “Okay, I should continue,” like “I need to continue,” ‘cause Athena, she was my fam head for Rhinoceroses. She was the first person to actually reach out to me, and I know she probably doesn’t remember, but there was like a Big/Little event, it was the speed dating one, and I wanted to find a ride or someone to go with me to my dorms, but like, it was very chaotic. And then she was like-- she was just yelling, she was like, “HEY! Is anyone going back to Segundo? My family needs a ride!” And she was very helpful, trying to help me out and I was touched, I was like, “Oh my gosh.” So I wanted to be that figure, I wanted to reach out to a member who was iffy about joining, ‘cause I wanted to be Athena for someone else.

Aww! That’s so cute! How are you feeling to be working with Raziel and everyone else on board?

Oh, okay, well, I’m not-- I would say, this board, they’re a lot closer than most boards. I feel like we were already kind of close beforehand, so it’s easier to work with people that I feel comfortable with, that I’m friends with, especially for Raziel. I know, like, she’s been there for me, literally the first day of moving in and stuff, she’s been there, and I know we work really well together, whether that’s for chem lab (she was my partner), or for Circle K, or just being a good friend in general. I’m really excited to be a family head with her. Um, yeah, I think we just… we’re good at communicating to each other, so hopefully-- I know I wasn’t as active this quarter, hopefully next quarter I’ll be better *laughs*. But Raziel also, she’s a lot more active. I feel like she’s really encouraging for me too, she encourages me to come out to more events and do stuff, so that’s how it was during the school year, even before we became fam heads, like she kind of encouraged me, “Oh you should come out, this is happening,” you know. I think she’s very encouraging and we work well together, so I’m excited to be a fam head with her.

Why did you choose animal science for your major?

Oh, okay, so when I first applied, I actually applied as a cog sci major, cognitive science. I had a few majors in mind, but I wasn’t sure which one I wanted to stick to, so I chose animal science out of I think four or three choices I had. Mostly because it’s very hands-on. All the classes, like Animal Science 2 was extremely hands-on, right, like the labs. And I know everyone says this but, I like working with animals. It kind of-- it’s like a stress reliever for me, so if that could be my major, I feel like it’s a really good one to choose. I’m not really stressed out by working with animals. Who is, right? So yeah, that’s why I chose it.

Do you have any idea what you want to do with it yet?

Um, I think, like most people, I am pre-vet as of now. But I wouldn’t be surprised if I choose to do something else. I am also interested in education, so if I maybe want to teach people about animals, like, that also sounds really fun. Yeah, I’m not really sure yet, but for now I’m pre-vet.

Did you do anything else besides Circle K in your first year?

Mmm, I joined PSSD, which stands for Pre-vet Students Supporting Diversity. It’s just a pre-vet club, and, um, so basically they have workshops and everything during their meetings, and guest speakers. But that’s pretty much it. I think it was helpful for me just to get adjusted to being pre-vet and like finding connections, but I definitely could have taken more advantage of it.

Do you have any plans for next year? Anything besides school and Circle K?

Oh, I really want to intern at-- well, so Vet Aid provides internships for people, you know like, for example, small animal, emergency. There’s a lot of different internships you can do with Vet Aid. I want to get involved. You have to apply, so I mean, I have to actually get in. But I wanna apply at least next year. Yeah, I think that’s one goal I have for now. I also wanna get involved in research. Like, I’m also a little interested in doing research, maybe, with animals, so maybe like, reaching out to a professor. I don’t know, I’m lowkey scared to, but yes, I wanna try that.

Okay, now I’m just gonna ask some general questions outside of Circle K and school and stuff. What are some of your hobbies?

My hobbies. Uh, I like to sing, but like, I really want to improve. I think I want to improve my singing, ‘cause I know it’s a hobby, and like, I can sing along to things, but I really want to improve my vocal skills. I also like to watch-- okay, lately I’ve been into K-dramas. I usually don’t watch K-dramas, but someone introduced me to them, and now, I don’t know why, I want to keep watching new ones. They’re really nice. I don’t know, they give me butterflies in my stomach and stuff. Like the romantic ones. They’re really cute. And… what else do I like to do? Sometimes I like to cook. See, I haven’t been cooking lately, but there was a time in my life where-- ‘cause um, so my parents are divorced, and I don’t live with my mom, I live with my dad, and there was like a short period where like, no one else really cooked, ‘cause I have a dad and a younger brother. So I would usually cook, and during that time I learned how to cook different Korean foods, and I enjoyed it. But I haven’t been during it as much ‘cause now my cousin moved in, and she kinda cooks for us now, but yeah. I like to cook, too. I like to cook Korean food. I think that’s just what I’m more used to.

If you’re eating out, though, do you have a favorite restaurant?

Okay, in Davis, I have a stamp card for Raja’s, ‘cause like… The thing about Raja’s is like, it’s cheap for an all-you-can-eat buffet, and they’re so nice. Like the customer service, you know, they’re so nice and friendly. So I go there, I have a stamp card. I don’t know which one I’m at, but I’m really close to a free all-you-can-eat buffet. I’m excited for that day. *laughs*

What is something that you really like about yourself?

I would say my favorite thing about myself is… um… Well, I thought this was kind of a bad thing, but it could also be a good thing. I like that I’m willing to kind of share a lot of myself with other people, ‘cause I’m very-- I’m willing to kind of like, talk to people and talk about myself and also I like to listen to people, have a conversation. I think that’s a good thing. Especially, I’m very open, I think, and I think that’s a good thing. Sometimes it’s not a good thing because then you’re like, vulnerable, but it’s a good thing if you meet the right people.

Yeah, definitely. I think that’s really good of you, especially as a fam head. Would you say you have any philosophies that you abide by?

Mmm, philosophies… I forgot who told me this, but basically like, no hard work goes to waste, or something…? I think that’s a quote, I don’t know who said that to me, but basically, I like knowing that even if the end result is not what you were expecting, it’s always some good that comes out of putting in one hundred percent effort. ‘Cause, like, let’s say you studied really hard and don’t get the grade that you want, at least you learned a lot of material and you’re not going to regret, like, “Oh no, what if I didn’t study enough?” I don’t like having that regret, so just do the best you can and that will not go to waste, you know?

Yeah, totally. I think you really need to have that mindset, especially going into college, because it’s so different.

Yes! It is. It’s difficult. And it’s different than high school. So I think a lot of people think, oh, you can just half-ass it and then you’ll do fine. But no, that’s not it, college is so different.

Do you have a favorite thing about living in Davis? And a favorite thing about living in Santa Clara?

Um, Davis, I like that it’s really small, so that you can kind of get around everywhere by riding the bus, or even biking around. It’s not that hard to get around Davis. In Santa Clara, I really like the food here. I live in K-Town, like, there’s a small street, it’s not like LA, but it’s basically a bunch of Korean foods and, yeah. Whenever I go to Davis, I kinda miss the food here, in the Bay Area, like the boba. It’s different! And there’s so many options.

What is something, or some things, that you’re really looking forward to this year?

Um, I’m really looking forward to fall quarter, like Fall Welcome Week, just because that’s when we get to see new faces. I think that’s when family heads are really needed and important in their roles, ‘cause that’s when you really want to interact with new members who are iffy about joining, or hesitant, maybe even a little reserved or shy. I really want to bring those people out of their shells. Um, I don’t think I’ve been able to do that during spring quarter. And also, I think academic-wise, I’m not excited, but ochem, I’m just going to embrace whatever comes out of it, you know what I mean? I’m just going to let it be.

How would you usually balance your school work and extracurricular stuff?

Okay, I’m like, lowkey guilty, ‘cause I put a lot more emphasis and time into academics. And I see that it is kind of affecting my performance in Circle K, I’m not putting in as much time as I should be. But, um, basically this is my approach for now, it should probably change. But, um, I like to kind of finish everything I need to finish for academics first, and then I start thinking about extracurriculars. So like, let’s say I have a paper due or something, I usually don’t even think about Circle K until after I’m done with it. Yeah, I don’t know if that’s really balancing, I feel like I should fix that. But, yeah, that’s what I’m doing for now, that’s what I’ve been doing. I know a lot of people, like for example, our SVP, she kind of does work, like Circle K stuff, like during lectures or something, so she kind of multitasks. I really can’t do that, like I seriously cannot do that. I have to wait until I’m done with everything, check it off of my planner, and then be like, “Okay, now it’s Circle K.”

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