What is Circle K International?

Circle K International is a collegiate community service, leadership development, and friendship organization. Circle K clubs are organized and sponsored by a Kiwanis club on a college or university campus. It is a self-governing organization and elects its own officers, conducts its own meetings, and determines its own service activities. 


 There are over 12,600 members worldwide in 18 nations. Each club works closely with their school and Circle K Internationallocal community in planning and implementing projects that best serve the needs of that particular area. Clubs within the same basic geographic area (divisions) also work together on larger projects. On the district level, our clubs work within the boundaries of California, Nevada, and Hawaii to achieve common goals and service initiatives, to come together at conferences and conventions, and to do large scale service projects. This allows members of the club to not only grow closer with their local club but also with other clubs within the same division and/or district. 


UC Davis Circle K is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Davis and is affiliated with the Key Club at the high school level.


UC Davis Circle K was chartered on April 5, 1974 and remains one of the oldest Circle K clubs in the California-Nevada-Hawaii District. Currently, there are roughly 90 paid members in the club. The club also works with other organizations on campus and in the community, including Tree Davis, Yolo County Food Bank, Davis Community Meals, Challah for Hunger, and more.


New members are welcome to join any time during the year! We do service year-round, because service never sleeps! UC Davis Circle K is open to working with anyone, so if YOU need volunteers at an event or want to work with us, please come out to one of our meetings or contact us via our Service Vice President (samanthawang.cki@gmail.com)!

What are DFI's?


District Fundraising Initiatives are programs that the California-Nevada-Hawaii District endorse in order to focus fundraising efforts across the district. The CNH District has three District Fundraising Initiatives every year. 

District Fundraising Initiatives (DFI)

Pediatric Trauma Program

Pediatric Trauma remains the leading cause of death and injury among children ages 14 and under in the United States. Our mission is to develop local projects which will reduce the number of children killed or injured by trauma, insuring all children live happy, healthy, and safe lives. The Pediatric Trauma Program hopes to raise funds in order to promote community outreach, assist partner hospital, and to provide advanced medical training for doctors. The funds raised will go towards the end

Kiwanis Family House

The KFH seeks to provide housing for families of ill or injured children staying at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, CA. Funds raised for this cause help provide additional resources and improve the stay for these families so that they may be there to support their children.

Feeding America

Feeding America aims to end hunger by working to provide surplus food and helping out local food banks to put a stop to food insecurity within the country.