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Membership Form

Fill out this form and hand it to the Treasurer along with money for club dues.
Benefits of being a member include but are not limited to:

  • Record of your service hours

  • Eligibility for Recognition awards

  • An awesome t-shirt

Club Event Report Form

A.K.A. CERF. You'll hear this term a lot and no there's no beach for miles around Davis. Use this form to record who goes to which event and for how long. Stuff like that. Really simple. Make sure you send it to our Secretary and MR Chair when you're done or they will hunt you down!

Gas Reimbursements

Have you driven to an event for the club this year? Then you might be eligible to receive a gas reimbursement. Fill out the form to get yours today! Restrictions may apply. Please read the rules here.

Also fill out the driver's info form once if you are a driver.



Driver's Info